The Dutch SnuffboxMystery                                         
(actual size)
Dutch Snuffboxes       Silver plated, embossed with representations of Dutch paintings.  Perfect snuff-boxes, with excellent hinges; and of ideal size, especially the oval one (the "Night Watch").  And inexpensive!
      I bought the top two in Amsterdam in 1978.  I can't remember what I paid for them.
      Returning to Amsterdam in 1996, I hunted through the shops for another "Night Watch", and eventually found the one bottom right.  It cost only about 15 pounds sterling. I asked who made them.  The kind lady of the shop regretted she did not know: the wholesaler who supplied them did not reveal their provenance.
      I found the other "Night Watch" in Hamburg's Antik-Center  (Klosterwall 9-21) in July 1998: again for about 15 pounds sterling. Once more I asked who made them, and was told "We can't find out.  The supplier won't tell us".
      Can anyone tell me?  If so, please  do so in Guestbook
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