Where to get snuff
Wilsons, Sheffield
 McChrystals, Leicester
Toque Snuff, Berwisk-on-Tweed
Martin McGahey,  Exeter
 Greens of Leeds
UK Smokers, Milton Keynes
 Samuel Gawith, Kendal
Lewis Darbey & Co., Cardiff
Smith's Snuff Shop, London
 Frederick Tranter: Bath, Oxford, Cambridge

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Sharrow Mills
Wilsons&Co. (Sharrow) Ltd, P.O.Box 32, Sharrow Mills, Sheffield S11 8PL.  Tel (UK)0114 2662677.
A great national institution, since 1737.
Turn off a somewhat - to put it mildly - undistinguished street in Sharrow, Sheffield, down a lane, and suddenly you are back in the 18th Century. There, alongside the little river Porter, is the Sharrow Mills and its water wheel. In fact steam power was introduced in 1797, and the whole operation has been mechanized since, but the snuff produced is still among the best in the world.
Wilsons is a family business, and doesn't seem concerned with commercial exploitation.They produce 50 odd varieties of snuffs , as well as having bought the secret recipes of 12 varieties on the sad demise of Friboug & Treyer.
(see the list at the end of Varieties of Snuffs).
 They have a daft motto (utterly silly in itself, but crazy for a business that makes its most of its money selling snuff): "Smoke when you can, snuff when you can't". 
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Samuel Gawith & Co. Ltd, The "Kendal Brown" House, Canal Head, Kendal, Cumbria, LA9 7BY 
Tel (UK)01539 720117 Fax:01539 734327

Another distinguished snuff manufacturer, founded in 1792 
when they bought the 50-yr old mills which had been used to make "Scotch" snuff. 

They originated Kendal Brown and still market it in its original form.

They produce about 50 varieties of snuff. 
Their Irish "D" Light (nb:Light) is the genuine Irish High Dry Toast.

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McGahey The Tobacconist,

245 High St.,  Exeter, Devon  EX4 3NZ

Tel (UK):  01392 496111   Fax:  01392 496113

Est. 1880: Retails a wide variety of various makers' snuffs and will order others not in stock.

He has an "on-line" shop, and is very helpful to overseas buyers.

A bowl of snuff is kept in the House of Commons in the Palace of Westminster 
for the use of Members of Parliament. 
Made to a secret recipe, it is called "English Rose". 
Mr McGahey is the appointed supplier.


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 Greens of Leeds,  37 The Headrow,  Leeds  LS1 6PU 
Tel (UK)   0113 2444895     Fax:+44(0) 1132 444895
Retails a wide selection of Gawith's and Wilsons' snuffs.
McChrystals (Leicester) Ltd.,  Morris Rd.,  Leicester  LE2 6BR 
Tel (UK)   0116 270 7230    Fax: 0116 270 4748
Recently introduced a new version called "S'nuff"  (a run of -the-mill SP)
Smith's Snuff Shop,  74 Charing Cross Road,  London  WC2H 0BG. 
Tel (UK)   0171 836 7422
Est. 1869       (but recently changed hands).
Lewis Darbey & Co.,  12-16 Wyndham Arcade,  Cardiff,  South Wales. 
Tel (UK)    1222 233443
A good old-fashioned tobacco shop 
It has seen better days;  but still stocks a good variety of snuffs  --  and a bear.
 UK Smokers : Oxford Street, Bletchley, Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire, MK2 2UA. 
Tel (UK)   01908 644477  Fax: 01908 395424 
Retails a selection of Gawith Hoggarth, Pöschl & Wilsons
 Toque Snuff   The Merchant's House, Palace Rd., Berwick-upon-Tweed, Northumberland  TD15 2HA
Tel.(UK)  0800 345 7488
Nine varieties
 Fredrick Tranter    Bath, Oxford, and Cambridge
Addresses and `phone numbers given on site
Est. (Bath)  1898
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There are it seems only (???) 5 manufacturers of snuff left in Britain:

Samuel Gawith & Co. Ltd,
Imperial Tobacco
(???) Smiths 
(they can't or won't say where they manufacture, though they claim George IV is made on the premises in London)